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Our History

The beginnings of the division go back to the early 1940s, when a group of chemical engineers formed the Technical Service Group of the Chemical Industry (later the Commercial Chemical Development Association).

During 1946, members of the Technical Service Group tried to get the membership standards lowered to bring in younger men working in field service and chemical marketing. The move failed, but the interested members then explored the possibility of setting up a parallel group in the Society, with the Technical Service Group to proved guidance. The result was the formation, in 1947, of the chemical marketing section of the ACS Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry.

The section became a subdivision of the I&EC division in 1950 and, finally, an independent division. The ACS Division of Chemical Marketing and Economics was formed in September 1952, with Fred A Soderverg as chairman and Hal G. Johnson as secretary-treasurer.

Our bylaws were revised in 2017, and our Operations Handbook was approved in 2016 January.

Annual Meeting Minutes: 2016

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